Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chasing Yello Out Today

Remember Yello? Sequel to Saving Yello, Chasing Yello features endless runner action that tasks players to guide Yello to safety through treacherous waters while also avoiding capture by his mischievous seven-year-old owner, Mathilda. 

With simple tilt and swipe motions, players can guide Yello around dangerous obstacles such as spiked rocks, burning logs and hungry piranhas while collecting as many gold stars as possible. 

Download Chasing Yello here


  1. c'est une jeu qui est tres classes vraiment v'est tres jolie de jouer a une telle jeu avec nos iphone et nos ipad

    meilleur netbook

  2. Have this on my nexus7 but my daughter has a playbook. Will it be released on playbook?

  3. Hi Rachael - thanks for playing Chasing Yello :-)

    Currently we are not planning to release Chasing Yello for Playbook. But we will be sure to let you know if we change this in the future.

  4. We have already tried this... we found it while browsing the Play store, and I recognized Yello immediately. So did the kids :-)

  5. hey asbjoern, I guess you're a developer here, I'm not. But I noticed you released chasing yello on the playbook. I am one of the first, if not the first to play it and is really fun for free. So on blackberry world, I gave it a five star rating so others'll download it and give it good ratings and so on. Anyways, please release more app. oh and is it playable on bb10. If not, you'll have more downloads if you release it on bb10 too


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